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2 Problems I Personally Have with The Big Bang Theory (Not the TV Show)

Firstly this is not a ‘science hate’ or anything, I’m just asking a few questions about the soundness of a “non-guided” Big-Bang. 

1) The absence of Natural Laws

Following that the Big-Bang created all space, matter and time (which includes Natural Laws like gravity etc) it is inferring that the Natural Laws that govern our universe simply didn’t exist before the Big-Bang occurred. Many Determinists, Materialists, and scientists agree that all events have causes which are governed by Natural Laws. How can this fit in with the big bang? The event of nothing exploding from nothing has no cause, and if natural laws weren’t even in existence then it couldn’t possibly govern the Big-Bang. Following this I have a hard time considering the position of a “”spontaneous” Big-Bang. 

2) The Link Between Intelligence and the Big-Bang

Okay so run with me for this one I’m going to talk about an example. Let’s say Bob is a scientist and decides to conduct an experiment, to create “live-matter” out of “inorganic-matter”. He is successful and proclaims that this is proof for the Big-Bang Theory. However let’s zoom out for a second. The only reason that the experiment is even happening is that there is an intelligent being behind it (aka Bob our scientist.) This simply doesn’t take place and exist by itself. Meaning that the only reason that “inorganic-matter” becomes “live-matter” is by the design of an intelligent being behind the scenes. 

So that’s just my thoughts and questions, if you could answer my questions please feel free, don’t turn this into a quarrel I’m sure we can have a civilised discussion. :)  

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