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I just sent an email to Tony Abbott, here’s what I said:

"Dear Mr Prime Minister,

It has came to my attention from many products of inspiration, that freedom is perhaps one of the most important aspects of a Nation. This is why I’m emailing you today about a request I hope you consider. The nation of Australia, is not truly free from the British Empire. Despite the Queen’s little influence in the operations of our country, it is still possible, through the overarching power of the Governor General that the Queen could realistically make decisions in the name of tyranny and oppression. I do also believe as a Nation, for us to truly step forward, we must establish independence and stand on our own two feet. So in the name of liberty I kindly suggest and hope you consider proposing a referendum of independence from the British Empire, establishing the Republic of Australia.

Thankyou for your time,

Andre “


Paris, 1944.

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Last night I stood in solidarity with Palestine from my city, San Diego, CA to raise awareness around the genocide, ethnic cleansing, and violation of international law committed by Israel.
From September 2000 - April 2013, 1,518 Palestinian children have been killed. That is equivalent to 1 Palestinian child being killed by Israel every 3 days for almost 13 years.
From December 2008 - January 2009, 352 children (ages: 3 months - 17 years old) were killed by Israeli air strikes.
The sooner we realize & understand the intersectionality of our struggles & oppression, the sooner we can work together to mobilize & fight for freedom for ALL.
As MLK said, “injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere”, that includes our Palestinian brothers and sisters. Raise your level of awareness!
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With both her parents being nature photographers, Tippi Degre has had one amazing childhood. Before she was born, her French parents relocated to Namibia, Africa, where she grew up alongside wild animals such as zebras, elephants, cheetahs, and lions. During her stay in Namibia, she befriended a 28-year old elephant named Abu.


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Time Flow

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